#365yoga: Day 109 Connected

I have been thinking all day about what it is that connects people through yoga. My new personal yoga page is up and running and while it is still in the skeleton/development stage I am getting lots of input.  I asked some fellow yoga teachers about it (what it needed, what was missing, etc) and I got amazing suggestions.  People showed me their passion for their practice and for what I was doing.  I was stunned by and thankful for the folks whom I had never met and how much time they took to let me know what they thought.

Your practice is not limited by location but by intention. – Judith Hansen Lasater

Yoga connects across the world, the internet and across the room when you are practicing with a group.  My students form this community with each other, my fellow tweeters are a tribe and yoga teachers speak each other’s language.  We are all intertwined by this magical practice.  Our intentions are to grow and breathe, to feel space and openness and to just exist in our bodies.  In sharing this intention, even if it is slightly different for each person, we have a connection that is like family.

My youngest elf went to a birthday party today and those girls all became buddies within a few moments.  Most did not know each other, and the few that did met new friends.  They were connected through their love of sparkles and princesses and cake.  Their intentions to have the best time ever removed all barriers to the new faces and it was like they had always been friends.

I feel the same way about the yogis I have met since developing my personal practice and becoming a teacher.  Some are here with me at studios and gyms, some are in Europe and Australia, some are in the cyber sangha, most I have never met in real life.  But I feel connected to them all and it is our yoga that links us.  

 So the next time you feel that pause in your practice, set your intention to connect with the yogis around you, on the next mat or the next town.  Breathe with them and share the yoga.  Be connected and be yoga. 


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10 responses to “#365yoga: Day 109 Connected

  1. I KNOW! And I’m loving it :)

  2. manifestation = you. for someone who is a bit jaded (me), i never cease to be amazed by all your output. it’s flying magic, methinks. ;)

  3. “In sharing this intention, even if it is slightly different for each person, we have a connection that is like family” –

    and that, thinking of ms lasater’s quote above, is, i believe, the “intent” of my intention ;-)

    beauty of a post nancy, thanks!

  4. just wanted to pop in and say hi! love your blog- this is a great post! i always try to hang back when my classes are over and welcome conversation, questions, chit chat… its awesome to connect to have that connection to a community

    • Bonnie this is sooo true! Today I taught at a gym, and those twenty students in my class are all friends, share each other’s and energy and come to the class to be together. It’s lovely and makes my job so much better.
      So glad you came out from hiding and let me know you are reading. made my day!

  5. I didn’t even know that there was such an amazing yoga community until a few months ago and I’m LOVING it! You ladies inspire me every single day ;)

  6. Thanks for all the inspiration from my fellow bloggers above.. whether on Twitter, your own sites or elsewhere in the cyber sangha you help me form posts and connect me to my yoga and myself. love!

  7. Beautiful. So thankful for this connection and community so that I can have access to your teachings.

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