#365yoga: The Cap’m A Home Practice GIVEAWAY

We are 48 Days into our #365yoga and I’ve been getting some amazing feedback on the shifts and changes people have been experiencing during this journey.  New space and awareness is developing and our yoga is showing up in places we didn’t know we’d find it.  I am loving the community and the way we are supporting each other daily through this growing process.  Thanks to everyone who is sharing what they’ve experienced and helped me on my own journey here on this blog.

Today it is 56 outside in CT and the sun is brightly shining.  My students were giggly and happy and the shift in everyone’s energy was palpable:  we are feeling Spring on the horizon.  Let’s face it though, for many of us in the United States there are still many weeks of Winter ahead, and for those of you on the other side of the world it will be hot for a while as well.  It can be very difficult to motivate to a yoga class when things are busy, weather is crummy or you just can’t get your feet out the door.  Trying to do #365yoga at home can be a real challenge, trust me I KNOW.  I wrote a blog post about it a month or so ago and currently there is fantastic post at Elephant Journal right now about developing a home practice.  Getting started on your mat at home takes focus and means you get to be the captain of your own ship.  It can be challenging and hard to approach but can also be wildly liberating.

To help motivate you, my readers, in developing a yoga practice at home I’m doing my biggest giveaway yet:  Be the Captain, Steering Your own Home Practice

What? : I’m giving away a tool box of sorts to help you on the journey to practicing yoga at home.

1.) Thanks to the wonderful folks at YogaVibes I’m giving away a three-month subscription to their 5 videos/month program. The winner will get to select five different videos to view/practice along with each month for three months!  If you haven’t visited YogaVibes yet go NOW!  They are an amazing resource of videos representing all styles of yoga so you can choose teachers, levels and approaches to your practice.  Leading teachers that I’ve mentioned here (Sadie Nardini and Ana Forrest) are just some of the many varied yoga instructors who have videos available to you on their site.  Students can use these videos as a starting point for their practice and as a way to find approaches to yoga that work with their body.  It’s a great resource for sequencing, music and theme ideas. It’s also a great opportunity to practice with recognized teachers with whom you might not otherwise have that chance.  I LOVE this site and am so excited to share it with you.

2.) A Moleskin Wellness Journal to help you keep track of what has worked for you at home and what hasn’t. This journal also has spaces for tracking your eating so you can focus on healthy food as a way to enhance your yoga practice.  Blank pages, stickers, conversion charts and a groovy yoga embossed cover all add to this excellent tool.

3.)  A Dancing Ganesha statue to help create a sacred space in your home. A remover of obstacles, it’s my hope that this Ganesha will help you ease onto and off your mat daily.

4.) An Om vinyl wall decal from the amazing Monkey Threads which can be used to decorate your journal, create a drishti on the wall for your Garudasana or to help create an altar/sacred space for the Ganesha.  This beautiful decal is removable so if you decide change-up your practice location you can take it with you. It is simple, but universal, just like the symbol it represents.

How?: To enter you must do the following:  Comment below on what is your biggest struggle in developing a home practice,  “like” Flying Yogini and YogaVibes on Facebook, and follow @monkeythreads on Twitter.

When?: Winner’s name will be drawn at random on 3/1 at  8 a.m. EST.. the beginning of the end of our first quarter of 2011.  The winner will be posted here, on Twitter and on the Flying Yogini Facebook page.

May your journey to home practice begin with you as captain of the ship. Jai Ganesha! Here’s to smooth sailing!   Good luck!


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22 responses to “#365yoga: The Cap’m A Home Practice GIVEAWAY

  1. My biggest struggle with my home practice is having a space dedicated to my yoga. It’s hard to practice with other people watching tv, talking, and making noise. I need to find somewhere in my house where I can get away and focus on my practice.

  2. One of my biggest struggles with yoga practice at home is, when I am home I love to relax. So I really have to force myself to go into my yoga room, and get a lovely workout in:-) It is almost 2 months of being consistent on 5-6 days a week of yoga. My ultimate goal of course is 7 days, but happy with my progress now:-)
    Take care,

  3. I liked yogavibes, and already liked flying yogini. I am following monkeythreads on twitter.

  4. I debated how to answer this question. I thought about the isolation factor (no yoga buddies to hang out with after class) and I thought about how there’s no teacher here in my living room to correct my alignment. However in all honesty my biggest obstacle has probably been trying to avoid distraction. With two kids here at home I find I have to resort to doing yoga in the evening after they’re asleep even if I’d rather do it earlier in the day. Otherwise my practice is interrupted by sibling fights or other noise. Good thing I don’t mind night time practices!

    I am following monkeythreads now on Twitter (@sherina) and liked both Flying Yogini and YogaVibes.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  5. lissabliss

    i love using sites like yogavibes and yogaglo & also creating my own sequences for my home practice. my biggest struggle though is not holding challenging poses long enough.

  6. My biggest challenge right now is self-discipline. I enjoy yoga and feel great after each yoga session. Nonetheless, making the time for myself when I can quietly do yoga and meditate has not been easy. There are always so many “more important” activities that compete with my yoga practice. For me, it is a matter of making a commitment to myself and my spiritual practice, and learning to love myself. What can be more important than feeling good and connected to your true self? I can’t say that I have been a 100 percent successful yet, but I’m getting there.

    I am following monkeythreads on Twitter (@trueselfportal) and liked both Flying Yogini and YogaVibes.

  7. ahh biggest struggle seems to be finding the right time. i know i have the time if i just make it but making it seems to be a bit of a struggle. while it’s great to do my own practice sometimes i enjoy doing yoga with dvds. i just recently bought sadie nardini’s newest dvds and love them! have always wanted to try out yogavibes and hopefully i win and that will be my chance! :) am following on fb & twitter! good luck to everyone! hugs & namaste

  8. Cynthia

    Time, kids, space, work, chores and all the rest of my excuses. Bottom line, the obstacle is me :)

  9. Helen

    My biggest obstacle is just getting over the hurdle and making myself do it! I always feel better when I do but I have to get over that initial laziness and just get started. And also, the distractions. My dog walks over my mat, my husband comes home and wants to tell me about his day, the phone rings, etc. It’s aways something. :-)

  10. MegP4

    My biggest struggle is fitting my home practice into the competing demands of my family and work out of the home. There is very little time in my day when I can just be entirely by myself at home without distractions, but I make the time for it in the wee hours before sunrise and/or late in the evening as best I can.

  11. My biggest struggle with my home practice is making ENOUGH time for my meditation practice. I seem to have hit a plateau of 20 min at a time. So i suppose my struggle is with myself. :)

    NAMASTE <3

  12. Ashley

    Just getting to the mat. Once I’m there, things usually flow, but I can find any excuse in the world to avoid going to take care of myself and cultivate some love for my body.

    This sinus infection has definitely thrown a wrench in my home practice for the last three weeks, also.

  13. taraSG

    What a AMAZING giveaway!!

    My hardest challenge is getting on the mat. Usually once I start my practice, I’m good to go for at least 20 minutes. I’m also not great at longer practices at home. I love hour long classes, but have problems doing the same practice at home :/

  14. Meg

    Great giveaway!! The hardest thing is finding time. With 2 kids under 4, 2 businesses and general life; quiet time is rare. But when I find it…. Ooooooommmmm!!!! I love my practice time!!!

  15. Kel

    My biggest obstacle? Myself. My mind. It says I have to do the dishes, start dinner, clean the bathroom, send that card out to my grandmother… I love yoga, and I’ve only recently started practicing at home. It’s been a struggle to explain to my SO why it’s so important for me to have ME time on the yoga mat, and that asking me what’s for dinner while I’m in savasana really doesn’t work so well. My mind also tells me that I don’t know what I’m supposed to do on the mat, that I need a teacher there telling me what asana to move into. Slowly, all of these issues are getting worked out… I know I like myself a lot better when I’ve been practicing regularly, and can be a better SO, a better friend, a better teacher, and maybe sometime a better parent because of it.

  16. My hardest challenge currently with developing my at-home practice is that I have been leading a nomadic lifestyle for almost a year, so it feels hard to ground in my “homes”. Each “home” has been a huge blessing and gift from Source. At the same time, it feels sometimes hard to create my “yoga” space to build my practice. Some days are harder or easier than others. Thank you for the chance to win these amazing tools!

  17. Biggest challenge? Hands down…time. I’m learning to better manage it and my life in order to fit in daily practice and that is a reward in itself. :)

  18. Lyndi

    Once I am on my mat – my own practice just flows and I love it. If not a work day I can sometime stay on my mat for hours. But getting to my mat is the challenge. I am not naturally a morning person but mornings are best for me to practice since I work full time plus teach after work almost every day. Somedays the lure of more sleep and my warm cosy bed win over getting up to practice. Some weeks are better than others. :) I am getting better at using part of my lunch breaks at work to shut my door, roll out my mat and do a brief practice.
    I have liked you and Yoga Vibes on FB and am following Monkey Threads on Twitter

  19. Sindy

    Me and my mom have been regularly doing yoga together :)
    I luv the support I receive with my #365yoga & supporting my mom in her beginners practice. But, the challenge is finding a good middle ground for my need for intensity, and her need for relaxing and learning the new postures.
    p.s. I am on my Day 49 #365yoga challenge! YAY!

  20. Eileen Pfefferle

    My biggest struggle in my home practice: creating space for pranayama and meditation in addition to obsessing over my asana practice. I rarely do both, and in a battle between the two, asana wins. I don’t want it to be a battle. I want to wake up at 5:30 to spend time breathing and creating an enduring change in my mind (see http://www.dalailama.com/news/post/104-how-thinking-can-change-the-brain), but I also want to be confident and competent in handstand. My ego, in the form of a handstand I might one day show off, wins too often.

  21. Congrats to Lyndi… my eldest elf drew your name out of a hat this morning. Pls drop me a line at connecticutyogini@gmail.com and we’ll get your stuff out to you! Thanks to everyone for entering.. another groovy giveaway coming up soon

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